"ThirtyPoBlogODayO. MoFo. Yo. Yo."

I found this by way of Wil Wheaton's blog and decided to heed the call. 30 posts in 30 days. If you think I've been slackin' lately in the posting department, you should see how lax I've been in the movie and book blogs...

So, not including this post, I'll endeavor to do 30 posts in 30 days, following the rules (for the most part) set down by Shane Nickerson, who started this thread in his own lil' neck of the Internet Woods:

  1. No mention of blogging, or bemoaning this "damned thing I promised to do, so here's the friggin' post."
  2. No link-only posts that say, "I found this at blahblahblah.com and you NEED to check it out!"
  3. No mention of ham or cold cuts (just to be safe).
  4. No more shit stories!
  5. At least every third post will have photos.
  6. Exciting news that has something to do with THIS (I probably won't adhere to this one).
  7. As always, no ads.
  8. Responses to interesting comments.
  9. Seriously, how good is Heroes?
  10. No less than 100 words.
  11. If I fail to uphold my end of this challenge, I promise to shutter the doors of this stale little weblog forever.

Ready? Set? GO!