I was walking through the mall a few weeks ago and got stopped by a beautiful young woman working the Magic Touch booth. This is the kiosk where they try to sell you this "magic" file that incredibly files AND buffs your nails. I think they also sell some nail hardener or something. The woman stopped me and said in her most playful (yet seductive) voice, "Excuse me. Can I see your hands?"

I declined with my usual response. "No. I don't like to be touched."

Yesterday I noticed a young, attractive man was doing the same shtick to the MLFs walking the mall with their kids in the strollers. Now, I know that the insidious Magic Touch hires generically beautiful people to do their selling because, let's face it - if some 4'9" troll with body odor and warts was to come up and ask to see your hands, you'd probably run screaming for the nearest torch. But I never before thought about the fact that the bias ran the other way, too. I sat down on a bench and watched for a few minutes (I was taking a lunch break). Yup, the guy was only targeting the young, attractive women. I imagine that the same would be the case for the females salesperson.

My ego properly boosted, I went back to work.