Yesterday I was in South Jersey helping my Great Aunt Helen celebrate her 80th birthday. So, no entry. I got back around 11:30 PM, and probably could have posted a missive about the events of the day but to be honest, after driving for hours with a belly filled with food and drink with my wife sleeping in the passenger seat the last thing on my when I walked through the front door was writing a post merely to fulfil an obligation.

Ever have one of those days you wish you could bottle for when the drudge of everyday life has got your hackles up? For the past few weeks, I've been feeling run down: tired, out of shape, basically a giant bear that has no energy or desire to do much of anything including working at the office, in the house, or anywhere for that matter. Attempts to get back on the diet and exercise regimen have been hard with the wife's food cravings and my own lack of self control.

Today felt entirely different. I got up early, threw on some old clothes and finished sanding down and priming the ceiling, which was repaired last weekend from the Boiler Escapade of last month. After that my father-in-law arrived, and we installed new light fixtures in the hallway and at the top of the stairs. I took down the hideous fabric vertical blinds from the living room and dining room and replaced them with aluminum blinds. I patched all the holes in the walls with Plaster of Paris and painted both the ceiling in the living/dining rooms and the downstairs bathroom (touch-ups in the corners where the grout was a little heavy). Thursday the living/dining room gets painted, and then downstairs is done, excepting the rug which is due the beginning of April and the window treatments/pictures which stil need to be decided upon by Her Majesy the Missus.

When it was done I starting getting that feeling back - the feeling that says I can get out of the slump I've been in and do what I want to do with my life and my surrounding - shape it to my will, mold it to my desires.

Damn that is such a kick ass feeling!