Clutch: From Beale Street to Oblivion

Whaddya mean, who's Clutch? What have you been smokin'? Clutch is only the greatest frikkin' rock band on Earth right now. And by "rock" I mean "RAWK!" as in beer drinkin', sweat flyin', beard growin' rock & roll that punches you in the face and then buys you a cold beer. Rock that's not afraid to go out in a pair of ratty sweatpants with a hole in the crotch and a Neil Young shirt that looks like it was bought during the '71 tour. This is rock that makes the womenfolk kick off their sandals and dance in the rain, folks. It'll make your car go faster, your hair grow longer, and make you smell like you've been working in the yard for 10 hours on an August afternoon and then jumped on the ground for some freaky lovin' with your partner. It's got organs and cow bells and it'll make you grin from ear to ear.

You Don't Love Me Yet: A Novel by Jonathan Lethem

Whaddaya mean, you haven't picked up the latest book by Jonathan Lethem yet? What do you do all day: sit on your lazy ass readin' nothing but your Oprah Book Club and your Bridges of Madison County? Don't you know Jonathan Lethem is one of the best writers we've got out there right now, and ever since Motherless Brooklyn has been carving a trail of originality and passion that's not only literate but actually readable? Jeesh! Lethem writes short fiction, long fiction, science fiction, nonfiction...they guy writes, and that the best thing you can say about a writer sometimes - he writes like it's his sole purpose in life. His characters are at once completely unique and capable of expressing our most inner desires. They fight crime, they fly, they find love, they lose love - they speak to a harmony and a spirit that pushes the boundaries of what literature is supposed to accomplish. Fercrissakes already pick up some Lethem (I would suggest Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude, and As She Climbed Across the Table) today!!!

Dust Devil: The Limited Collector's Edition (dir by Richard Stanley)

Whaddaya mean, you have no idea what the heck DUST DEVIL is? For shame!!! Don't you know that DUST DEVIL is the, the...uh....

OK. I have no idea what DUST DEVIL is, either. I know it was the second feature from director Richard Stanley, whose only movie credit previous to this was the crazy horror movie called HARDWARE which frightened me as a kid. I read a review about this, saying it was an insane, 5-disc edition of the film, detailing the horrible shooting conditions, the mangling by the studios, and the eventual remastering and releasing of the new director approved version of the film, complete with an even longer "work print" edition. It also includes 3 totally unrelated documentaries Stanley shot years later. Since the price tag was under $20, I had to pick it up.

I love Tuesdays...