Oh my. I just received my first "tag" courtesy of J over at Vicarious Rising. 7 songs I'm groovin' to at the moment. Then tag 7 more people. In order to have this qualify as part of the 30 posts in 30 days stint, I'll add a few comments as to why these songs make this particular booty move. Away!

  1. Clutch - Power Player: Blues-drenched rock and roll with a swagger and a beer gut. My car does not perform as well unless there's a Clutch CD either in the player or sitting on the seat.
  2. Iron & Wine - Sunset Soon Forgotten: I've been on a big Iron & Wine kick lately. And although I really like the expanded sound pointed to in the Woman King EP, I keep coming back to the more sparse, Nick Drake-sounding arrangements off of Endless Numbered Days.
  3. Aereogramme - Barriers: Take the slower songs from Coldplay and Athlete, add a dash of Anathema and Isis, and you get this. I love it.
  4. Jimmy Hendrix - Message to Love: Over the weekend I had to drive to 3 different Home Depot/Lowes stores to pick up various things for the house. The sky was blue and warm, the windows were rolled down, and this is what was playing as I enjoyed the drive.
  5. The Fratellis - Flathead: Yeah, I could have picked a more obscure track from the album or the EP. But the truth is ever since I heard the song on that iPod commercial, I've played this track constantly. It makes my wife dance. 'Nuff said.
  6. Grateful Dead: Morning Dew (Live) - I love the Dick's Picks series of bootlegs. I think the only way to listen to the Grateful Dead is to listen to them live - the studio albums leave me cold and limp. That said, the opening track from Volume 14 is fantastic, and features some incredibly tasty Jerry Garcia soloing to boot.
  7. Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop (Live): Great guitar, great band. And the live version off Hardcore Jollies is so much better than the studio track off the Cosmic Slop album.

And that's 7.

Sean, Victoria, Jason, Mindy, Mike, Slacker, Reverend...you're it.