What happens when your brother comes to visit because in the next week or two he's taking the big leap and moving to Florida to begin going to school to become a radiology technician and the two of you shared something incredible over the past year?

You go to a great restaurant, catch MEET THE ROBINSONS in digital 3D at the local theater where you nab some cool 3D shades, and come home to play hours of GUITAR HERO 2 with him and your wife, making crazy faces, laughing, and generally remembering how great it is to have a family you love.

And take some silly pictures to boot.

Man, you can really start to see my bald spot there...

The Missus, pregnant belly and all, is not embarrassed to look like a total dork, as long as her husband looks more like a dork...

Oh, and apparently playing guitar for over 12 years is not as much help as you would think playing GUITAR HERO 2. However, it makes losing all the more fun for the Missus, who didn't stop chanting for an hour after beating me on the Rolling Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'".