Tidings to All

It boggles the mind that more than a few people contacted me to ask why I haven't updated the blog in a while. Ladies and Germs, you truly make me feel loved. Loved and needed. My head can no longer fit through doors, though some would argue that's been a problem for years (nothing like an inflated ego to isolate yourself from an angry world, folks!). So, very quick updates and then a regular post (a movie review, in fact) later on today.

Today marks the Missus's 30-something-ish birthday, and I am doing my best to take her mind off the fact that she's grown to 8 times her normal size in the belly area and that it's become more and more of a lie to consider herself in her "early 30's." The rest of this week and the weekend before it was spent ripping out the floor in the kitchen and laying down a new sub-floor for the ceramic tiles, which needs to be done tomorrow so we can finally move the appliances and table and chairs back in before the Missus's Baby Shower this weekend. And of course before that was the Week of the Virus, which is better left alone now, I think.

Life continues to spin in its decidedly off-center fashion, and I continue to wonder what to make of it. In the span of a week one of my idols passed away and someone decided the best way to deal with their reality was to kill 32 people and wound another 30. Don Imus apparently loses what little sense he had left and the world finally has something else to focus on other than who the father of Anna Nicole's baby is.

But I digress. There's still a lot of nifty neat fun stuff to look at and smile with amazement and wonder. Just the other day while lying in bed I was making fun of my wife when she told the baby to kick me. And kick me he did. I talked to my brother who made the move to Florida and seems to be doing more than okay. I saw GRINDHOUSE in the theaters and MON ONCLE on DVD and both for very different reasons made my smile wider than you would think possible. And of course today is the birthday of the most incredible person it's ever been my pleasure to know.

And on a wholly other note, it's also the birthday of this girl Samantha I used to know in high school. Why I remember that I have no idea. I haven't seen her in about 13 years. But on the off-chance she's browsing the ol' Information Superhighway and happens by pure chance to come across this post, Happy Birthday. You're in good company.

No reason for the Audrey Hepburn pic above. I'm in a good mood, and it's that kind of day.