UPDATED: Packing

Fear of corporate retribution has prompted me to make a few revisions in red to the below post.

I have a 4:30 AM car pickup to take me to the airport, which means I have to get up no later than 3:45 AM for a business trip that doesn't officially "start" until Tuesday, but since my boss is the type who likes to get in early, we're taking a 6:00 AM flight Monday.

Do I sound a little perturbed? It's because I am.

And it's my own (expletive omitted) fault for not saying (large, rambling series of curses and expletives omitted) when I could just as easily taken a later flight. Even the 8:00 AM flight would have been fine because, again, THERE IS NO AGENDA FOR TOMORROW.

That is all.

PS - I typed in the word "angry" in Google Images to get the above picture. Interestingly, this picture also appeared:

The world is truly a strange and mysterious place.

And also pretty f---ing weird.