2 Month Early Warning

Very little time. I was out in the city getting some jewelry for Mother's Day when the Missus called me. She was having a sonogram done when the doctor's noticed that they couldn't see her cervix due to the baby's head being extremely low. She was having contractions 3 minutes apart and was already beginning to dilate. They told her to immediately go the hospital and get admitted.

We're only at 32 weeks - 8 weeks early.

I got there about an hour later. They had already administered one dose of steroids to strengthen the baby's lungs on the off-chance that we actually go into labor and have to deliver tonight. The Missus is getting a does of liquid and medicine intravenously to attempt to stop the contractions from coming. So far they've decreased considerably, but she's still having twinges. We're stying overnight just in case.

The house isn't ready, nothing's been built, there's no stork outside of decorations inside.

We're not ready, and none of it matters one bit if he decides to come out now. I'm feeling 1,000 emotions all at once, trying to 50 things simultaneously, and can only think about my family.

Even if he doesn't come tonight, even if he goes the whole 40 weeks, I think I just got my first dose of what a father is.

More to come as soon as we know anything.