Hospital Update

Another quick update. They moved her out of Delivery and Labor around 9:00 PM last night, which was a good thing since it meant she had not had a contraction for over 2 hours. The fetal monitor came off and, IV in hand we moved into the Maternity Ward for further observation. The stats so far:

  • The baby's normal due date is 6/14, which means we're actually around 7 weeks early, not 8. He's about 4.8 pounds, and seems to be healthy in every way.

  • The Missus still needs to have another steroid injection for the baby's lungs, but that won't come until 3:00 PM today. So we're going to be in the hospital for a while yet.

  • No more work - she's on bed rest until the baby comes.

The hope is that they can release her today, ans she would be on bed rest and on an oral version on the contraction inhibitor for the next 3 weeks. Then, it's baby time whenever he's ready to come out.

Once they moved her into the Maternity wing I wasn't allowed to stay (I managed to weasel another 2 1/2 hours anyway), so I'm on my way back now. More to come (with pictures) as soon as I know any more.