Positive When Positive

That's what we're trying to be right now.

The good news was that she hasn't had any contractions since 7:30 AM this morning. She's been getting the injections to prevent this every 4 hours, but all night long as it neared time for the next dose she would begin small contractions again - about 5 minutes apart. This stopped today, so we thought all would be well. Around 3:30 she received a second dose of the steroids to improve the baby's lungs, and then had what's called a Fetal Fibronectin test, or FFN for short. A negative result is great, and means that there's an excellent chance that the baby will remain in the womb for at least another two weeks. A positive result is more of a mixed bag, and could indicate that the fetal fibronection, which is essentially the "glue" that holds the cervix and everything together, thus preventing the baby from coming out, is beginning to disintegrate.

The title of the post should pretty much give away what our result was.

So what does this mean? It means that for now the Missus has to remain in the hospital where they can monitor her, and continue to look at what medical option they have in order to keep the baby developing for as long as possible.

It's possible that they can release her Monday or Tuesday, and either have her take the medication she's on orally every 4-6 hours.

If the contractions come back, and continue, they may have to hook her up to a pump at the house that would continue to feed the drug into her for as long as a week, in an effort to keep everything going. She may also have to have consultations with the people who performed the amniocentesis for us back in January.

The other option is, of course, that she has the baby. It's looking more and more likely that a mid June birth is turning into a mid May birth, or even sooner (thought we are both fervently praying to hold out at least two weeks more).

At any rate, that's where things stand. There are a million things that are jumping through our minds, a million scenarios that play out in our dreams, in our idle moments. I used to joke how lucky my wife was that when I went away for business she got to hog the whole bed, something I've never done since we've been married with the exception of immediately after the kidney transplant, and that didn't count because I was in too much pain to sleep. Now that I have the bed to myself, and am physically healthy, it's about the worst feeling in the world.

This is a picture of the Missus taken last night, when we thought she was coming home today. Neither of us wanted to take a picture today.

I'm tired, and have to get some sleep before getting back to the hospital tomorrow. More news as it comes.