This has become my new Mission Statement.

Got about 9 hours of sleep last night - a good start. Unfortunately, Dilbert's Theorem dictates that a single 8 hour meeting is actually the equivalent of 16 human hours, so it looks like I'm still 7 hours behind. Luckily tomorrow only goes until 3:00 PM, and then it's back to the airport for a blissful trip back to New York. I packed 4 movies for the trip, so since I finished my book last night I'll either be watching CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER or TIDELAND for the trip back home. I ususally like travelling - between the airports and the flights and the nights back at the hotel without the Missus I can catch up on some reading and flicks, but this trip has been an absolute bear to get through. Looking foreard to the trusty ol' desk back at HQ.

Jusr re-read the last paragraph, and am slightly fearful of all the numbers in there. Omen perhaps? Spooky spooky...