It feels so good to be home, despite being 40 degrees outside and arriving home in shorts and sandals (the shirt is implied). It was either sweat like a wild boar in Tampa or freeze a little up here in New York. Well, it turned out more like "freeze a lot while waiting outside for the car service to pick you up, looking like a jackass while everyone else was smart enough to bring a sweater, or at the very least wear some long pants you moron."

The trip was what it was; I'm putting the frustration of the last 3 days behind me so I can fully focus my powers on the normal everyday frustration I face here. Take the pain you know versus the pain you don't and all that.

Was watching TIDELAND on the plane, but kept being drawn to Kevin Bacon dancing on a re-run of FOOTLOOSE playing on VH1 Classics. I tell you, the scene where he plays chicken on the tractors thrills me like an 8 year old girl. And the scene when he dances has got to be one of the most surreal moments in movie history. Every time I watch it I can understand why the Missus was so infatuated with it as a kid. TIDELAND was put on hold so I can finish watching.

C'mon...you know you loved it, too.