Today is my first post since last Wednesday. Today is also the first day I've been without vomiting, diarrhea, or a high fever since, well, last Wednesday. Some virus got the drop on me, whether it was on the filled-to-capacity plane or the baggage terminal at JFK or possibly even earlier in Tampa. All I know is I had to leave work early Thursday due to a splitting headache and some rumbling in my stomach. Halfway home I pulled over to begin what would be a series of lengthy vomit sessions that culminated in passing out in my downstairs bathroom, hallucinations stemming from the high fever, two separate trips to the Urgent Care Center, and a drop in weight of over 10 pounds from being unable to keep anything - solid, liquid, gas - from staying in my body for longer than 20 minutes.

I won't even begin to describe the "collecting of samples" that were mandated to rule out food poisoning and to make sure the antibiotics were taking effect. Let's just say I was thankful for the abundance of rubber gloves that were provided.

Easter was spent completely alone, wrapped in blankets and eating soup and toast while the Missus worked and then went to her parents to celebrate. Movies and reading were out - anything requiring that much attention tended to make me nauseous, which left nothing but mind-numbing television interspersed with brief bouts of sleep. Instead I focused on listening to quiet music and audio commentaries on DVD with the picture turned off.

Normally I would work from home after all this, but I had to be in the office to help assist with some tech stuff for a meeting at 1:00 PM - I imagine that at the meeting's conclusion I'll be heading straight back home, since it's only been 3 hours but I'm already sweating, shaking and feeling like wet dog that's been kicked in the ribs.

Just in case it was that apparent in the preceding paragraphs: BEING SICK SUCKS HARD.