Happy Moms Day

Today I'll be spending Mother's Day cleaning the cars and installing the car seats before going to spend the rest of the day with the Missus. Latest news is they're going to send her home Thursday, with about a week's worth of anti-contraction medication. This may change, but for now that's the plan. Baby seems to be doing fine, and at first they were simply going to let her go home without any medication, which would have worked perfect logistically, but I'll take anything that keep upping the chances of having a perfect little NFU (New Family Unit for those of you that didn't read the BOTM post).

This morning, though, I'm saving just for me. Little breakfast, the paper, and a movie I plan write up later tonight. I already made the phone calls to the rest of the family wishing them the best. Hope you all did the same. To any mothers reading this today: Happy Mother's Day. Here's a picture of something motherly:

Any chance to squeeze in a Zappa reference, you know...