Where's the Baby?

Not a lot of posting over the past week. Thursday morning I brought the Missus home from the hospital. It was a mixture of relief and fright for both of us - relief because she was finally home and didn't have to spend every waking moment in a hospital bed, fright because now she was further away from the place that she'll need to go to anyway as soon as the baby bubble bursts (alliteration always awakens awesome avenues of affectations).

So the weekend was spent making her comfortable, eating way too much food compliments of her parents who came by and cooked, cleaned and played pinochle with us. There was movie watching and laughing and a few tears, but not much.

There was also sleep. Lots of it.

Monday morning still no baby, so I went off to work to roll out a national program I was hoping the baby would get me out of (you will pay, NFU...you will pay). The Missus had a doctor appointment where she found out she was dilated 3cm, and so for all purposes is done with the early stage of labor. Hooray! So the word is now some medicine to stop contractions until Saturday morning, and then just wait. If her water breaks, or she has contractions less than 8 minutes apart, we're to go to the hospital. The doc's anticipating a Memorial day baby, so we'll see.

Bags are packed, car seats are installed. We're ready to rock.