Welcome to the World

At 11:16 AM , after fifteen longs hours of pain and agony, we became parents. No words will ever capture the feeling when he came out. It was, without fear of hyperbole, the greatest moment of my life.

After being awake for almost 40 hours, I'm too tired to write much. Pictures should do just fine. Without further ado, my son, Jack Christopher:

About 1 minute old at this point. And loud as a siren.

The Missus gets to hold him for a moment or two before he's whisked off for some testing and she can recover from the horrors of natural childbirth without an epidural.

Yours truly holding his progeny for the first time.

All together now, Ramones-style: "We're a happy family, we're a happy family. We're a happy family - Me, Mom, and Dad!"

That's it. Too tired to continue.