Shameless "Cute" Post

How can so much time go by without a couple shots of the NFU?

4 weeks old and getting chubbier by the day. We're both still learning his different cries, his crazy facial expressions, and his overwhelming capacity to pee at the precise moment you remove the wet nap to apply the Vaseline or a new diaper...

Feel free to Photshop in the pencil-thin mustache he's twirling in diabolical glee. "Heh heh plan is finally coming to fruition..."

On weekends Jack prefers to lounge in the tub, whiling away the hours contemplating the larger issues at hand...poop, bottles, poop, and poop. For some reason he was strangely at peace during the latest bath episode - definitely NOT the case last time - the screaming actually came through my headphones which were blasting some vintage Metallica (Hit the Lights!).

Stranger and more wonderful every day.