Miscellany at 8:51 AM, the Office

It's telling that the only times I can manage to get any time on this blog is when I'm in the office, early before my boss gets in. Couple random thoughts and items to pass on:

  • Tomorrow night the Missus and I get our first official night out on the town not involving a family function. We're heading into NYC to check out Tegan & Sara at (I believe) Webster Hall, with Indie Maven Sean in tow (who graciously thought to pick us up tickets). If you've never heard Tegan & Sara before, you're missing out on fresh, in-your-face folk/pop/rock from two sisters who consistently deliver a great sound, thoughtful lyrics, and melodies that stick in your brain for days afterward. When Sean began his mission to introduce me to the world of pop and indie music by way of inundating me with dozens of records at once, Tegan & Sara was the first thing I heard that made me jump up and say "What the $#@! have I been missing?" So Jealous is a desert island disc for me, and their new one, The Con, is fast rising in my estimation.
  • Speaking of music, while listening to a random mix on the iPod Radiohead came on and reminded me that, no matter what flavor or mood I'm currently in, Radiohead will overpower it, forcing me to listen to The Bends or OK Computer in its entirety immediately.
  • I don't know if I mentioned it on this blog (I commented on the always interesting to read Cubicle Reverend blog) that I finally saw my first movie in the theater since the baby was born. TRANSFORMERS. Geek Gold, my friends, Geek Gold.
  • In sadder films news, Igmar Bergman passed away. If you've never seen one of his films before, or even you have but it's been a while, go check one out. He was a true master, and for years after seeing THE SEVENTH SEAL, WILD STRAWBERRIES, HOUR OF THE WOLF and PERSONA at an early age, I always had an impression in my mind of something I called the "Bergman Color" which was almost, but not quite Black & White. It didn't matter what tonal palette he used - all his films have a distinct ,dreamy quality to them that remind me of something being almost, but not quite, B&W. A true artist throughout his entire career, his presence will be missed.