One Link, One Video

I've been sitting on a couple links I kept meaning to share, but apparently kept forgetting.

  1. Subject: Death Metal - I'm not a big fan of Homestar Runner, but Sean sent me this link months ago, knowing my penchant for the Death Metal. And with the second season of Metalocalypse now showing on Cartoon Network, the release of the Dethklok album as well as the news that Brenden Smalls will actually be touring as Dethklok this year (with a little help from a few of my favorite musicians), I thought now was a good time to share this:
  2. Talking Cats - This was something from my trip to Austin, Texas. My friend Steve is many things, but chief among them seems to be "lover of cat jokes." I am informed by his wife that Steve can spend hours amusing himself on the (I guess) popular website Normally this type of stuff does nothing for me, but when Steve told me about a video of cats actually talking, I was intrigued, moreso when he attempted to emulate one of the cat's bizarre conversation. I won't anything by going into it; instead simply watch the video below. It makes me crack up every time.

    Talking Cats - The best free videos are right here