A Year Ago Today...

...I was in the hospital donating a kidney to my brother. One year later I'm sitting on the couch, holding my three-month old son in my hands and thanking the Powers That Be for everything that's happened to both me and my family over the course of the last 365 days.

My mother called this afternoon, a little emotional but happy. My wife cried as she recalled what the day was like for her. I spoke to my brother just a few moments ago, and I think in the midst of all the regular family chatter we were both thinking the same thing as we wished each other well and promised to see each other soon.

Life can turn on a dime at any given moment. There's no time to be bitter or regretful. And as much as you might think that family can be a curse, in the end it's all that matters, and that's a blessing in and of itself.

I learned that a year ago. I was reminded of it again today.

Happy Anniversary, Jason. I love you.