Book #1: Consider the Lobster

After finishing my 5th David Foster Wallace book, I can safely say he is absolutely ridiculous. As in, "This is fuckin' ridiculous. No one should be able to write this well. No. One." That's pretty much become the standard mantra whenever I pick up a new book, fiction or nonfiction, by the wunderkind of the "lit pack" composed of, among others, Dave Eggers, Jonathan Safran Foer and a bevy of other young writers out there making waves. The thing is, DFW is the only one so good he consistently makes me throw my book down in complete frustration at just how fucking good he is.

Consider the Lobster is a collection of Wallace's recent nonfiction in all their unexpurgated, footnoted glory. Whether covering the 1997 AVN Awards in Las Vegas, profiling the 2000 McCain campaign for Rolling Stone that, unedited, ran longer than the length of an entire issue or my favorite, an 80 page review of a usage dictionary that manages to precisely encapsulate my view on abortion plus manage to make you laugh out loud, Wallace writes with a sureness and intelligence that is simultaneously open and erudite, shatteringly personal and aloof at the same time. It's a balancing act many try and many fail, and a testament to David Foster Wallace that he manages to make it across time and time again.

* Note: this review, while 100% completely true, was accomplished after 3 gin and tonics and a tearful look at Wallace's Infinite Jest, which is IMHO one of the single greatest works of the 20th century. This guy is fuckin' ridiculous!