A Dearth of Personal Musings and Life on Mars

Events and circumstances occurring in the 300-watt world we call reality (the stuff that happens outside the Internet) have caused me to rethink the way my life has been heading. For months I've noticed that I haven't been happy or content with things as they are. What makes it worse is that with that knowledge comes the realization that I'm the reason things aren't particularly happy or content in my world. What makes it even worse than that is that others around me are beginning to notice as well.

Late in the afternoon on Saturday I was sitting alone in what we've designated "the Man Room" - the room where all my books, CDs, guitars and computer reside. My wife walked in, curled up in my lap, and proceeded to point out to me in the way only a partner whose life you intimately share can that I was unhappy, that it was affecting my work, affecting my health, and affecting our relationship to the point where she had no choice but to sit me down and tell me how much it hurt her to see me like that, and how scared she was that something would happen to me if I didn't do something soon.

There are things we know deep inside, but will never admit to ourselves. It takes someone who loves you so much that they are willing to hurt you, and hurt themselves in the process, in order to help you. That's exactly what she did, and the result was a floodgate of feelings and anger that had been locked up for months opening and pouring out.

Here's what sucks: like any flood, you're completely overwhelmed when it strikes you. But like any flood, eventually the waters subside and if you're strong enough, or lucky enough, or have someone to pull you up, you find that the water dries, and you're alive. Which is probably a long-winded way of saying that while I look at taking care of myself and my family, things here may be a little more sporadic, and a little less personal. For those people who have commented that they prefer all the review-oriented stuff as opposed to my "real-life" writing, you're in luck.

You're also all cocksuckers, but you're in luck (just kidding, XOXOX).

In other news, pictures taken of the planet Mars four years ago have recently revealed what appears to be Bigfoot. A number of sites are reporting on this, but I picked it up from the excellent The House Next Door:

Call me a skeptic...I firmly believe that in a universe as large as ours there has to be life somewhere besides Earth, but this looks like a weird twisty rock formation.

Or Waylon Jennings. Could be either.