Autumn is "Officially" Here

Screw September 22nd...Autumn for me doesn't officially begin until October, so Happy Autumn, if that's your thing.  My anal compulsive ritual celebrating the arrival of my favorite season consists of the following:
  1. Playing the song "October" by U2 in the car on my way to work.
  2. Run around outside doing something "Autumn-y" like raking the leaves.
  3. Alternating each year between reading either Dandelion Wine (end of Summer) or The Halloween Tree (beginning of Autumn) by Ray Bradbury.
This year it's The Halloween Tree so before diving into my next "official" book I'll knock that one off and be happy and content for another year.

As previously noted October is also Hail Horror month, and the first review will be up later tonight.  After intense discussions with my friend Bob during lunch (kidding, our intense conversation really centered around his buying a Blackberry and how great Y: The Last Man is) I've come up with an opening movie.  Again, suggestions are welcome so let me what you want to see and I'll do what I can to see it.

Other than that I'm exhausted.  Since last Saturday Jack has taken up screaming and crying for upwards of 40 minutes in his crib before finally falling asleep, and everything we do seems to have no effect.  The past couple mornings have also seen a complete 180 in his behavior.  Usually he wakes up, we get him and bring him downstairs where he is immediately given a bottle of milk.  We sit down on the couch, him in the arms of either the Missus or myself and we enjoy a quiet morning.  Now, however, Jack throws his bottle of milk as soon as it's handed to him and he then proceeds to throw a tantrum the size of a small island. 

Ahhh, to be a parent...