Bowie's Better in My Car

The critics and people who love to pontificate over these sorts of things all agree that David Bowie's Low is his best album, despite the fact that most regular folk wouldn't know the names to 90% of the songs.  It's one of those critic-y things to do: eschew the obvious contenders like Aladdin Sane or Ziggy Stardust and go for the introspective, dark, electronic work that never gets any airplay.

Yesterday I was driving home, stuck in slightly more than the usual traffic, and for reasons best left unspoken I had a cup of coffee at least 3 hours old, an uneaten bear claw left over from our trip upstate, and Low.  Maybe it was the fact I was listening to a CD instead of my iPod, or it could have been an hallucinogenic effect from the old coffee and bear claw, combined with the lull of the traffic, but hot damn is Low a great album!  

My cars tells me it is must be true.