Time and Color

"Dost thou love life?  Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."   -Benjamin Franklin

The above quote has nothing to do with the following post, which was about something else entirely before it crashed along with my hard drive about three hours ago.  That post was about college music as I remembered it back when I was a freshman in 1991.  The quote was found in an excellent blog post from Roger Ebert, concerning a review for a film he only sat through the first 8 minutes for. 

This post is about driving home with my son yesterday, and how the colors of trees bled from red to yellow to green to brown, and the wind picked up the leaves on sidewalks, giving the impression of invisible runners following us as we drove home. 

It's also about adjusting my rear view mirror so I can look at Jack's face, and sing along with him when he decides to launch into an impromptu rendition of "Happy Birthday" as he happily pulls off his shoes and socks.  Usually I sing along with him.  Sometimes I just watch.

This post is about the weather getting colder, the days getting grayer, and all of that making the world a Bergman film, a Sirk film, a Curtiz marathon on an early Sunday morning when you don't mind the sunlight drifting in from the windows and glaring against the television screen.  It's about everything that I should remember, about my family, my goals, my dreams, and about how all too often I forget until something happens...

...like seeing my son singing in the backseat of the car, as we drive home, the trees rolling their colors like a rainbow falling off the edge of the world.