Taking Inspiration Where You Can

I've written before of my admiration for Roger Ebert as a film critic and as a writer, not just of film but of anything.  He has a rare voice that can strike cleanly into any subject with a clarity and enthusiasm that has been a joy to experience regardless of the delivery method: an insightful audio commentary on Ozu's FLOATING WEEDS, a comprehensive look at the work of a brilliant director in his most recent book Scorsese, or the more personal musings that have been appearing with regularity in his new online journal.

Last week he posted an article titled "I think I'm musing my mind" that talks about how the loss of his voice has brought about a new focus and awareness to his writing.  But it's more than that.  It speaks to the power of writing, to the determination of not giving up, not giving in and finding your voice using any avenue available to you.  It's an incredible inspiration to me and I wanted to have a link to it here for anyone else interested.  

Here it is.

Take a few extra minutes to go through the comments.  They've been recognized by Computerworld Magazine as, "about the best you'll see on a blog."  It's an excellent community, and as I continue to struggle with defining myself by my writing Ebert is someone I come back to time and again.