Where's the Week in Geek?


If you seeing something completely different than what you used to here, don't worry:  this is just temporary until I figure a couple things out.  SquareSpace is still fairly new to the blogging world (it seems like every widget or HTML code out there is for Blogger or WordPress), so I'm constantly fiddling and tweaking things to get to where I ultimately want to go with the look and utility of this site.  It's a little too busy, which to me translates to "a little unprofessional" or at the very least, rough.

One of the main issues I can't seem to resolve to my satisfaction is a method for listing the most recent entries I've made in the different blog journals.  Plenty of hits here on the front page, but almost nothing in books or films.  There's a Change Tracker I can add either as a front page or as a widget, but it looks ungainly in this template - the date and my name keep showing up, and I've seen it elsewhere just listing the post names.

So the Week in Geek was a way to highlight some of the other things I've written.  Alas, it's still not doing much for the other postings, so in the interim I've hit upon another solution: Everything I write will be posted here to the front page.  When the week is up, any book or film-related posts (including the previous week's Hail Horror entries) will be moved to their "normal" sections of the blog. 

Hopefully the ultimate solution will entail a cleaner look, easy access to all section of the site, and a "Recent Posts" section that will work the way I want it to!

* I should mention I really like SquareSpace a lot and imagine if I just contacted their support staff they'd solve for me in under a minute.  But I like to figure this stuff out on my own.