Six years ago yesterday the Missus formally became the Missus in a ceremony that was as wonderful as it was wet (we had an enormous storm that day, which I've heard means a strong marriage.  So far it seems to be 100% true).  Since then every anniversary has been pretty low-profile: we're not much for big parties of get-togethers, so it usually boils down to a few gifts, a nice dinner, and general romance-y things (which I'll not go into here...perv).

I'm a fairly traditional guy, so we decided that for gifts we would stick to the traditional list of anniversary gift ideas.  Year Six is Candy/Iron, so I went with a box of Godiva chocolates and a nice wrought-iron picture frame, along with a few other assorted gifts.  Nothing fancy, and nothing too shocking in its ingenuity, I'll admit, but the Missus seemed pleased enough.

Using an almost ridiculous amount of forethought and ingenuity, my wife decided she would eschew her normal gift ideas (clothes, clothes and, uh, clothes) and instead focus on the things I love that I've lately been using to distract myself from all the nonsense that's been going on at work and in our personal lives.  Inside a Stephen Colbert book bag was a hardcover Iron Man comic, a Captain America graphic novel, a new biography of Shakespeare by Bill Bryson and a compact collection of Shakespeare's sonnets.

There was no candy, but the ideas behind the gifts were sweet enough.

Due to work (her, not me) we maybe saw each other for three hours yesterday, and all but 20 minutes of that was spent trying to control our son, who was determined to create havoc at every opportunity, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless.

Happy Anniversary, honey.  I would've wrote this yesterday but you know what a heck of a day it was.