Word Verification

In the 3 years I've had this blog (which really kind of makes the old noggin explode), I resisted putting up the word verification in the comments. I wanted anyone who cared to comment on my posts the freedom to write what they want with as little hassle as possible. Positive (a bunch, thank you), negative (a few, and I thank you for those, too), it didn't matter to me.

Unfortunately, lately I've been getting creamed with "spam" comments. It's more than a little disturbing to read comments stemming from my review of Holocaust comic Maus and then find links to XXX sex sites selling various streaming video and, ah, accessories. And while I appreciate the thought that Brandi put into inviting me to see her in her natural beauty for only 29.95 a month, the more suspicious side of me suspected that this may not look as innocent as presented.

So, Word Verification is up on the comments. Please don't let this stop you from commenting. I'm still not moderating comments - if you want to write something on here I guarantee it'll get on here - and unless you're in the market for companionship or various battery operated devices, it would probably be a good idea NOT to click on some of the more dubious links.

Have a great morning!