Enough is Enough (UPDATED after cooling off a bit)

Okay...originally this was an expletive-filled rant about that was essentially a response to certain conversations, messages, and situations that culminated in one absolute monument of ignorance and narrow mindedness this morning. It was too much, and using a sort of "sketching" technique recently gleaned from Kerouac (that what you get when the newly published On the Road original scroll is prefaced by 100 pages of introduction and critical essays) I whaled away on the keyboard venting the bile that was in danger of causing permanent damage to those around me, or at least the stapler and tape dispenser (oh, office supplies, you have known my wrath before!).

But I went outside, had a cup of coffee, realized that I'm better than that, or at the very least am trying to be, came back in and erased it. If you read what was originally here in the last two hours and were disappointed by my lapse into vulgarity well, what can I say? Just had to blow off a little steam. yeah, I'm feeling better now, thanks. What? Oh, that? No worries - I'm taking steps to rectify it right now.

Anyway, the cat with the lizard mask will stay up to raise the "cuteness" factor of the site, and I'll retain a few choice phrases from the original post below.

It really is, you know...cannot possibly consider anything besides their own narrow...get up, throw a brick through the nearest window and look... I mean, seriously...WTF...petulant, text-message emoticon world...I'm right in the fuckin' middle of it too...The "yours" in this case being the world, dammit...eight-ball of bile...LOL! Have a wonderful day! :-)