Belated Mother's Day Wishes

Last year I spent Mother's Day alone, getting the house ready for the Missus' return from the hospital after a month's stay due to her pregnancy complications. It was a day spent working and worrying - too much to do to allow me time to visit my own mother, and too little to do to keep me from worrying about my wife.

What a difference a year makes.

Now Saturday was spent at my mother's house, a great beautiful Spring day spent watching my son take his very first steps, tackle a monkey chair, and chase the dog with a passion and zeal that will almost certainly transfer into massive house destruction once he's really mobile. And although the Missus had to leave for work on Sunday, we had an excellent morning of raspberry pancakes, fresh ground coffee, and clean diapers courtesy of Dad. Gifts were given, photos were passed around, and all in all although it was brief, it was an excellent first Mother's Day for the Missus.

So Happy Mother's Day, a day late. And now, your obligatory shot of everyone's favorite Mothers: