The "Oh Crap It's Hot" Miscellany


I am not a hot weather person. Among the other wonderful attributes I inherited from my parents (short pie-wedge fingers, balding pate, and near-sightedness) was a sweat gland the size of Newark, NJ.

And since this past Saturday was Jack's official 1st birthday party, I was outside in front of a barbecue from 1:00 PM until approximately 4:00 PM. This does not count the morning spent running from store to store, filling propane tanks, ordering and delivering helium balloons, picking up ice, beer, birthday cakes and the 3.5 metric tons of Italian catering my mother-in-law and wife insisted upon on top of the sausage, chicken, skirt steak, hot dogs and hamburgers I was ordered to cook.

A six-pack of beer, four bottles of water and numerous hits of iced tea and I STILL did not go to the bathroom for almost nine hours. THAT'S how much I sweat.

This whole process (minus the opening of gifts but including eating a second birthday I ordered in case there wasn't enough to go around) was repeated on Sunday when we had everyone over again to eat the leftovers. Jack refused to partake in the gift opening and the cake eating, preferring to run/crawl/fall around screaming like a loon with his cousins and friends. The site of 5-6 little kids having a glorious day made life a little more bearable.

The beer helped, too (Red Stripe, in case you were wondering).


Over the past six months I have completely re-invigorated my comic book mojo, moving from the relatively safe "ordering trades on" to the slightly more dangerous "stopping by a Local Comic Shop (LCS) to see what's new" to the now out-of-control "go every Wednesday and pick up my stash from Liz, who pulls my list for me and keeps it behind the counter." I indulged in my first Absolute edition of a comic, shelling out $70 for the first volume of Absolute Sandman.

Both DC and Marvel are having enormous crossover series at the moment (Final Crisis and Secret Invasion, respectively), so the amout of comics I'm buying is pretty heavy. When the big guns are done firing and the bodies lay on the ground, here's what will probably remain in my pile (excluding miniseries and one-shots):

  • Detective Comics (DC)
  • Green Lantern (DC)
  • New Avengers (Marvel)
  • Invincible (Image)
  • The Walking Dead (Image)
  • The Sword (Image)
  • The Boys (Dynamite Entertainment)
All this to finally arrive at what I really wanted to point out, which is that over at there's an excellent video interview with Stan Lee, who proves that even after 50+ years he's just as charasmatic and entertaining an individual as ever, with the same golden voice that used to narrate my favorite cartoon as a kid, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.


Speaking of comics, tonight I get my "real" birthday present from my wife (ba-dum-bum), dinner and a movie, which doesn't sound like much except that it's been over a year since we've done it. So after a few mojitos and wonderful Italian at the Westbury Cafe, we're off to (finally) see IRON MAN, which my wife is looking forward to almost more that I am.

Geek Love. get it before it's gone!