Happy Birthday to Me

Christ. I officially am out of the most desirable TV advertising demographic. Officially no longer considered "early 30's." I'm balding, slightly paunchy, and my fingers ache when I try to play anything faster than "Sunshine of Your Love" on guitar.

In slightly better news, Opeth released their newest record Watershed yesterday in celebration of my birthday. Really, that's what I heard.

And though I normally don't like to get all political up in here, it looks like we finally have a Democratic Presidential candidate. This may or may nor be somehow related to my birthday.

Anyway, I intend to celebrate by not going into work, not showering, and subjecting my family to massive amounts of Opeth. Comic books will be read, and my son will (as per usual) attempt to grab them and eat them. Gifts will be opened which my son will also attempt to consume, perhaps with a battle cry of "Dod!" (his version of"Dad"). Cake will be had, and after putting the boy to bed I suspect the night will end in a tender embrace, after which both us will exclaim we're too tired for sex and go to bed.