Book of the Month for June

Despite my mad dash to get some actual novels read before the month was out, the Book of the Month still falls to a comic read outside the officially "counted" books read.

Terry Moore's epic Strangers in Paradise (mentioned previously here)
immediately jumped out after the first couple of pages. Volume 1 (of 6) clocks in at about 360 pages, so it's no slim read, and that a good thing, because the themes and relationships luxuriate in the time they're given to develop. At it's heart it's a love story between three people and the ways their relationships with one another change over time, but the dressing this story comes in is a combination of outrageous humor, violence and melodrama that is a high point of independent comics. Neil Gaiman sums the book up perfectly in his blurb on the back cover:

"What most people don't know about love, sex, and relations with other human beings would fill a book. Strangers in Paradise is that book."

'Nuff said. Pick it up - you won't be disappointed.


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