Summer, in Black & White

Back from a weekend spent with friends, family, and lots of little kids...running, falling, laughing, getting wet and, inevitably in our family, getting naked.

Pinochle was played, boats were taken out to the lake, old movies were watched (ANOTHER THIN MAN), books were read, naps were taken by both children and adults, pancakes were consumed, the smell of barbecue was a constant presence, and if all of this seems somewhat cliche for a 4th of July weekend, then you'd be absolutely right.

Doesn't make the weekend any less fun, I can tell you that.

Two select shots below that encapsulate for me the weekend:

Jack and Nonno playing with the pinwheel.

Amelia finding an ant colony.

Now that it's over, I'm glad to be home, glad to back where there's cable television and an Internet connection, and glad that none of that was there when I got to spend a few days making memories with my son and wife.

Hope you had a great Independence Day, whatever you did.