(small) Freedoms

I need a barbecue break.

In fact, I need a break from just about everything, so it's nice that events have conspired to put me in the position I currently find myself.

Last Saturday we hosted another barbecue, this time for my friend Bob and his family. More sangria was consumed, ice cold beer was near at hand for the grilling, and the weather held out to enjoy an outdoor meal and some fun watching Jack play with their 4-year old son Bobby. Jack, like most kids I know, just wants to run with the older crowd, and every time Bobby came near him he shrieked with the joy known only to toddlers and the insane. I checked with Bob and his wife to make sure Bobby wasn't going to impart any bad habits like throwing toys or smoking, and then relaxed to enjoy the day.

Sunday came and went, and with it not only the end of barbecue for a few days, but the Missus and Jack as well. Due to a lack of babysitters for the week, Gerri was forced to take a week's vacation, and decided to use the opportunity to go upstate with her mother, aunt, and grandmother for a few days of good old fashioned Italian revelry, leaving me to a few days of wonderful, crazy freedom.

Ah, freedom. A (slight) return to the days of sublime bachelorhood. The baby seat's out of the car, the smell of diapers has left the building, and the music can played as loud as I feel like. Ten minutes after they left I plugged in my amp for what feels like the first time in months and wailed on my guitar as only a 35-year old man who rarely if ever practices can.

Oh, the neighborhood was alive that night with the sounds of "Smoke on the Water" and "Iron Man" that night, let me tell you.

Then it was a call to the pizza guy, a quick trip to the video store, and it was like I was back in college again, watching horror movies (killer crocodile movie ROUGE), reading comic books (Batman: No Man's Land) drinking free beer (Bob's Corona, left over from said barbecue), and living the life of the single man.

Within 15 minutes four slices of the pizza (pepperoni, onions and green peppers) were gone. Within 30 minutes indigestion, nausea, and exhaustion left me curled up on the couch, forgoing everything but whimpers to a God who was at that moment laughing His Eternal Ass off at my stupidity. I went to bed around 10:30, vowing that the morrow would not be squandered.

Oh, who am I kidding? There's still half a pizza sitting there, and the beer is ice cold right now...