Flickr: A New National Anthem?

My first exposure to Jonathan Coulton came via the Revenge of the Book Eaters charity event (reviewed here), where he was the "strolling minstrel" for John Hodgman and Dave Eggars. Then it was the hilarious song "Still Alive" sung by the mad computer in the game Portal.

But the thing that pushed me over the edge of "like" into the glowing chocolate hippie dance of "love" is the genius that is the song and accompanying video "Flickr." I first heard the song on a Radio Free Burrito podcast dedicated to Coulton courtesy of Wil Wheaton. Yes it's a bit silly, but it's done with such obvious affection that I actually get a little choked up when I hear it. And when you think about it, it does manage to capture modern America in a good-natured, ribbing sort of way.

My nomination for our new national anthem is below. I also highly recommend checking out the Radio Free Burrito podcast - there are a couple more great Coulton songs, and some fun Wheaton commentary to boot.