Random Ear Tickle

Earlier today I was chastised by Indie Maven Sean for not having posted a mix - any kind of mix - to my blog since before Jack was born.  A quick perusal of the posts, however, showed that I did indeed post a mix exactly three months after he was born.  Which, Sean pointed out, was still a long time between postings.

So I put the iPod on random, and here are the first 20 or so songs that trickled out.  At the moment I'm not as savvy as Sean is about uploading the files for your listening enjoyment, but I'll figure something out and include it later.  For now, and for what it's worth, here's what playing:

  1. Murphy's Law - "Attack of the Killer Beers"
  2. Lauren Hill - "Every Ghetto, Every City"
  3. Ysaÿe Quartet - "Ravel String Quartet in F major, 2nd Movement"
  4. Radiohead - "Treefingers"
  5. Voivod - "Astronomy Domine"
  6. Led Zeppelin - "Boogie With Stu"
  7. Queens of the Stone Age - "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret"
  8. Lou Reed - "Berlin"
  9. Death - "Open Casket"
  10. Interpol - "Wrecking Ball"
  11. Eric Johnson - "Forty MileTown"
  12. Neil Young - "A Man Needs a Maid"
  13. Nachtmystium - "Seasick (Part 2: Oceanborne)"
  14. Pink Floyd - "Another Brick in the Wall (part 1)"
  15. Iron & Wine - "Carousel"
  16. Boris - "Death Valley"
  17. Devin Townsend Band - "Triumph"
  18. Ignite - "Live for Better Days"
  19. Witchcraft - "Queen of Bees"
  20. Blue Cheer - "Parchment Farm"
  21. Dax Riggs - "Night is the Notion"
I gleefully admit that every time I hear Neil Young's "A Man Needs a Maid" in the presence of my wife I sing the chorus as loud as I can.  I can't help it.