Hearing Tests

That's Jack helping his mother fill out paperwork. In six seconds he will grab the chain and start running, prompting a chase sequence reminiscent of the Chaplin shorts that played all day Sunday on Turner Classic Movies.

For the past few months Jack's had a constant fluid presence in his ears. We finally brought him to the Long Island Jewish Hospital Hearing and Speech Center to have his hearing tested. His measurements bordered on slight impairment, which may explain some of the issues we've been having with him lately. So the next step is to go to an ENT specialist (Ears, Nose, Throat) to look at possibly having tubes put in.

I'm wary of the procedure, but on the other hand I don't want to waste any time if it means it will help him hear and help him to develop quicker. It's funny how in the grand scheme of things this is really nothing; while I was there waiting (they only allow one parent in during the administration of the test so the Missus went) I saw numerous people of all ages that had much more severe issues than Jack does. But that never seems to matter. I've been learning rather quickly that, although I'm able to maintain a semblance of calm on the outside, the slightest concerns or worries about Jack leave me terrified.

Everyone with more experience tells me that's a perfectly normal father response, but it still bothers me that I have a much trouble as I am "keeping it together."