Barbecue Redux

This weekend we're having my college freshman roommate Bob (aka Fat Suggestible Zombie Dad) and his wife and son over for another round of golden delicious barbecue. And I say "another" because although this is the first time they'll be coming to the house, I recalled that we had a similar barbecue a few weeks ago with Indie Maven Sean and Victoria. Which prompted me to post some pictures of said barbecue:

Indie Maven Sean and Victoria. Sop now you can faces to the names.

Jack's obsessions with phones trumps his fear of facial hair. If I go more than a week without shaving Jack starts to become a little wary of me. Although that may be because a week of facial hair on me frankly looks ridiculous. Sean is obviously much more capable of sporting a decent beard.

The Missus, after a couple glasses of sangria and the relief of not having to entertain our son every second of the day - at least for the next few hours.

Unable to adequately capture the ferociousness of Wii Boxing, I settle for this blurry shot. Playing the Wii is at times physically demanding and elicits some interesting vocalizations. From the other room the sounds of my wife and Victoria playing the Wii was, shall we say, stimulating....

Ugh. Now I feel slightly dirty. I'll leave now on that thought.