I can't remember now what prompted me to start reading Seeking Xanadu. But it's a blog that I check out regularly, because it's interesting, funny, and depicts a life that is simultaneously involved, vibrant, and unafraid to be qualitatively geeky while also posting large pictures of kittens.  It sometimes makes me laugh, occasionally offers up a chuckle, but always provides a smile.

Alas, there is a darker secret.  Hageltoast, the proprietress, has another guise, a sinister pseudonym with which she uses to more nefarious ends...the elusive Hagelrat.  And it is Hagelrat, not Hageltoast (who posts pictures of kittens, remember), who has a blog called Unbound! where she writes about all manner of things concerning the written word.

Now, in and of itself there's nothing particularly nefarious or even strange about that.  No, the diabolical twist to this malevolent Devil's Knot is that she recently held an open call for additional writers to come aboard and provide some content to the site.  And whether it was drugs, alcohol, or a secret pact with Old Scratch himself, she somehow has seen fit to bring me aboard.

So from time to time I'll be posting some book reviews, old articles or posts from the Book section of GEEK MONKEY, and mustering up some new content specifically for her site.  She has a few people up there writing already, and if you enjoy SF, fantasy, mystery, or just good plain books, then Unbound! is definitely a stop I recommend.