Celluloid Moon

Catchy title, yes?  I guess I ought to explain what it means...

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to create something that specifically focused on film.  It would be a running commentary of all the movies I'd watch in 2009, as well as provide a forum to talk about film-related things that interested me.  I'd use it as a base of operations to refer back to when I commented of wrote something on someone else's site, and generally watch it over the course of a year to see if and how it grows.

That's Celluloid Moon.

There's still a movie section here at Geek Monkey where, if you like, you can click and see a lot of my earlier movie reviews and articles.  And there's a chance that some of what I print over at Celluloid Moon will find its way over here.  But for the most part I wanted to keep the two entities separate, and just see where it takes me.  Which is kind of the exact opposite of what I originally wanted to accomplish with Geek Monkey, which was take all of my different sites and centralize them in one easy to navigate area.

Wait.  It gets even more complicated, because there are TWO Celluloid Moon sites.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to go back and use Blogger again (even though I have absolutely zero complaints - they're a great host), so decided to run the same site on two different hosts to see which one gets more traffic.  So you can opt to view/add/comment on either the Blogger Version or the slightly cleaner Wordpress Version - either way, it's the same information, the same reviews, the same guy runnin' it.

Right now there's a rambling essay about my ambivelent feelings toward the recent Academy Award Nominations, as well as four moderate-length reviews ranging from Jean Luc Godard's BREATHLESS to the more recent SEMI-PRO, starring Will Ferrell.  And later today I'll be posting much shorter recaps about the slew of films I saw this weekend to gear myself up for the Awards ceremony, including THE READER, DOUBT, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

So stop by and visit, comment, agree or disagree.  It's an open area to talk about movies of all sorts.

See you there.