Worlds Keep Turning

It's been a while, hasn't it?

This past month or so have been a real blog killer, which is sad since the one thing I wanted to commit to was to get back to writing about my life and the things the touch it.  Thing is, all those things that touch it?  They kind of all touched at once (which sounds kid of obscene, but isn't) and it's been one thing after another until now.

I just got my son down for his nap.  As soon as he wakes up we're heading up to my in-laws where my wife has basically lived for the past week helping to prepare for some serious Thanksgiving eating.  It typically devolves pretty quickly into a clanging, screaming mess with people sprawled everywhere, bloated and cranky, but it's tradition and I'm thankful I can be a part of it.

Life in the past two months has been a series of ups and downs.  Starting with the downs, after finally coming to the realization that it wasn't all right that my weight was ballooning to unheard of numbers (for me, anyway), I finally decided with a friend to bear down and start to exercise and diet.  Right now I'm about 15 pounds lighter, which sounds good until I realize I probably was about 20 pounds lighter a couple of weeks ago, but have been gaining it back.

Reason?  One of the "up" things in my life. Realizations have been coming hard and fast lately, and I finally realized that I was tired of my job, which for the past three years consisted of the same thing, only with the added "bonus" of doing more of it in less time.  So for the past month I went through a lengthy interview process which resulted in a new position in the company:  more responsibility, new challenges, new prestige.

No money, and the only "promotion" was a desk move to the top floor with the bigwigs.  I was told if I work hard enough, within a year I might get a spot right at the top.  I can only assume they're referring to the roof, since the idea of actually giving me money that equals the job I perform went out with parachute pants and those little egg toys you had to take care lest they beep at you.

I've also began to tentatively dip my toe into Zen Buddhism.  The reasons are my own, but I will say that it's giving me a lot to think about, and the practice of sitting zazen is painful, annoying, and often downright evil, which tells me I'm at least doing it right, according to the writings that keep with the Soto tradition (long story short, there are as I understand it, essentially two schools of Zen - Rinzai and Soto.  The Rinzai believe the the practice of zazen leads to enlightenment, whereas the Soto school doesn't put a whole lot of stock into enlightenment - the practice is its own end.  I'm definitely not into this for the enlightenment).   

And that's it.  A lot to take care of before leaving, but I wasn't enjoying the lack of any new content here for so long.  When I have some time I'll come bak and wax a little more eloquently as opposed to the vomit spill this was.  In the meantime you may have noticed that I joined the millions of people on Twitter.  I popped a little custom banner at the top of the page that will keep my latest tweet (oh, God, I can't believe I just wrote that) viewable so it doesn't feel like I've completely abandoned the place.

And that's really it (for reals, now).  Whoever you Are reading this, and wherever you are, regardless of whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm thankful you're here, and thankful that I had this chance to say something.

Now go do something nice for somebody.