Oh, come on...

...Now you're just being mean, Pitchfork.

And this time you do it to Baroness and their outstanding Blue Record, the follow-up to my 2007 Album of the Year, the Red Album (I know, the title's are kinda "meh").

The evidence: yet another 8.5 score, descriptions like "Blue Record is simply much too fun and kinetic to analyze in real time," and "Complex enough to reward repetitive listening and compact enough to encourage it, Blue Record is one of the year's most generous hours. Or half-hours."  

And yet, no Best New Music marker.

Now look: I know you're essentially just an elitist, cooloer-than-you wallet chain wearin' indie web 'zine that thinks of itself as the pinnicale of music criticism and the gatekeeper of all that's cool and underground, but at least follow your own interior logic.  If you rate an album that high, and unabashedly praise it in your written review, give it the marker it deserves.

C'mon.  For the children...