1-2 Suckerpunch

The 48 hours that made up this past weekend was lovingly split 50/50 between my wife and I, screaming and vomiting with a stomach virus that felt like it came directly from the devil (me=Saturday, her=Sunday).  Thankfully the Boy seems to have been spared, although it was his sad fate to have heard Daddy screaming and puking in the bathroom next to his bedrooom with a volume ususally reserved for rock concerts.

Everyone seems to be getting over it now - sore rib cages, weak legs and a sour stomach are the orders for the day.  So before trekking off to the rest of the workday, a small list of thanks to the things that helped pass the time:

  • Season 12 of South Park, especially "The China Problem"
  • James Morrow's Shambling Toward Hiroshima
  • Lemon/Lime Gatorade (properly shaken to activate the magical electrolytes)
  • The Boy, who thankfully slept until 8 AM both days, giving us a brief but wonder morning reprieve

 Back later when biological functions have returned to a normalized state.