Note to Self

Bring an extra pair of pants the next time you're confronted by literally dozens of cleaver and pitchfork wielding zombies.  And don't cry like a little girl so'll wake the baby.

Although the majority of my Xbox 360 playing is done solo, my brother (who lives in Florida) and I try to find as much time as possible to run through co-op games via Xbox Live.  The past few weeks saw a slew of Gears of War 2 Horde activity, but over the weekend we decided based on great word of mouth to pick up and play Resident Evil 5 together - the first version to carry a complete co-op campaign.

I won't go into plot details - to be frank, after five minutes of playing I couldn't remember anything about the story except that we were supposed to find this guy Irving for some reason.  But if you've seen any of the films or played the previous games you know the score:  the nasty Umbrella Corporation has unleashed some wicked virus that turned people into zombies and other bizarre, Japanese anime/porn-inspired creepiness (it's a Capcom game, after all).  Resident Evil 5 takes the claustrophobic, dark action of the series and moves it up to Africa, taking place mostly in broad daylight.

Well, within the first 10 minutes of play a scene very similar to the above image takes place:  you and your partner are trapped in a shed with dozens of fast running zombies pour into from the doors and windows, hacking and chopping and biting everything in sight.  After about 15 seconds of this I started screaming into the headset, "This is bullshit!  Holy Crap!   Jesus Christ!  Out of ammo...OUT OF AMMO!!"

I'm not saying he did, but if my brother did indeed wet his pants it was due to all the laughing at my schoolgirl squeals of terror.

Awesome game experience so far.  Can't wait to continue.