Cracked Seams and Rear View Mirrors

Many words are forthcoming...including a post about the double-edge sword that is getting free books because you review books for a site that actually gets a fair share of traffic (thank you, Un:Bound), and a most-likely lengthy, rambling and irate post about depression and frustration and how even though there may be a dozen or more things in your life that are wonderful and cause for getting down on your knees kissing the ground and thanking whatever believe makes it all happen, there's always one ridiculous crappy thing that overshadows it all and makes you miserable, mean, and apt to scream, yell, or throw your hands in the air and simply give up.

Unfortunately, at the moment it's that one horrible thing that's keeping me from getting all these words out, so in the meantime I wanted to throw a metric ton of good vibes to Jonathan Coulton, whose music manages to find a small crack in the shell I habitually crawl into and hit me square in the gut.  I will never forget driving home with Jack shaking our heads and hands to "Code Monkey" in the car, with me laughing and crying at the same time because I was acutely aware of how the words really applied to my current situation, even as I was 100% focused on the fact that this was one of those "moments" you hear about parents having with their children, where the laughter stays in your head for days afterward and you can't recall it without all those feelings welling back up and making you look like a sentimental jackass as you sit at the keyboard, playing the song over and over again as you relish the memory of hands in the rearview mirror, and the shake of strawberry blond hair.

You can listen to Code Monkey and a lot of other great songs right here.

I included the picture of the tree becuase it looked neat.  It's actually a hotel room.  You can read about that here.