The Reviewer's Lament

I finally posted my article about my love/hate relationship with reviewers copies over at Un:Bound. The subtitle of the post (had I written one) would read:

"The one where Chris bitches about how he has to put his reviewer copies in front of all the other books he actually wants to read, except that now he got some great kick-ass books from Tor and has to back-track, kind of"

That's a little long, so instead I went with The Reviewer's Lament (and the Beauty of Tor):

One of the perks of writing for Un:Bound (besides of course the fame, booze, and ability to influence the weather) is that you do, occasionally, get sent free books.

This is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand they're, you Gratis. One day you arrive home to find your mailbox stuffed with a big manila envelop snuggling an advance reviewers copy or a recent release. Inside it's so warm and inviting...someone out there likes you! You pour yourself an ice-cold beer, grab some crackers and cheese, and have yourself a good curl on the couch.

Which is all very well and good, except now you're sort of obligated to actually read the book, not to mention write it up, and sooner rather than later. Which means that awesome new Vernor Vinge you just picked up, or that second book of William T. Vollmann's Seven Dreams saga (Fathers and Crows, if you were wondering) you were finally ready to dive into? It's gonna have to wait, at least if you want to maintain any kind of relationship with the company so you can receive even more free stuff in the future.

You can read the rest over at Un:Bound.  Check us out!