Dallas: Model Interlude

I'm back from Dallas, sitting in my sweats and Elvis Costello t-shirt working from home.  The trip was basically two days of sitting in traffic in a pathetic little PT Cruiser that was a color blue not seen in nature, sitting in class learning about stuff like logic lines and sherman calculators (my joke about when we might expect the Wayback Machine was met with quizzical looks), and generally thinking about getting home.

Of course, being home means a massive amount of work catch-up to do, as well as spending more time with family for Easter, so polishing up the post about my experience with the models may come a little late, as will the remaining Pot Luck reviews.

In the meantime, here a picture of the building I worked at.  There was literally nothing else even remotely interesting to take a picture of while in Dallas.  Make of that what you will.

On a positve Dallas note, I just finished the first 5 (of 6) issues of the new Umbrella Academy volume, subtitled "Dallas" which is just as fantastic as the first volume, "Apocalypse Suite" was.